Dritz Hand Needle Collection

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Whether you embroider, darn, quilt, bead or baste, this assorted pack of quilting needles has just the right needle for you! Dritz hand needle collection comes with 24 assorted needle types and sizes.

Package contains:
Betweens: (2x) size 9, (5x) size 10, (2x) size 12
Sharps: (2x) size 10 - (2x) size 11
Milliners: (2x) size 7 - (2x) size 10
Embroidery: (1x) size 7
Chenille: (1x) size 24
Beading: (1x) size 10
Curved Needles: (1x) 2", (1x) 2-1/2"
Long Darners: (1x) 3-1/4", (1x) 5"