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PFAFF Admire 1000 OverlockPFAFF Admire 1000 Overlock
PFAFF Admire 1000 Overlock Sale price$729.00 Regular price$859.00
Singer 9180 Embroidery MachineSinger 9180 Embroidery Machine
Singer 9180 Embroidery Machine Sale price$1,599.00
Save $50.00
Husqvarna Viking Onyx 25Husqvarna Viking Onyx 25
Husqvarna Viking Onyx 25 Sale price$449.00 Regular price$499.00
Onyx 15 - HVOnyx 15 - HV
Onyx 15 - HV Sale price$449.00
Husqvarna Viking - Designer Epic 3 with Embroidery UnitHusqvarna Viking - Designer Epic 3 with Embroidery Unit
PFAFF Passport 3.0PFAFF Passport 3.0
PFAFF Passport 3.0 Sale price$1,099.00
Save $150.00
PFAFF Passport 2.0PFAFF Passport 2.0
PFAFF Passport 2.0 Sale price$849.00 Regular price$999.00
Save $550.00
Pfaff Ambition 610Pfaff Ambition 610
Pfaff Ambition 610 Sale price$1,149.00 Regular price$1,699.00
Save $1,300.00
Pfaff Expression 710Pfaff Expression 710
Pfaff Expression 710 Sale price$3,199.00 Regular price$4,499.00
Pfaff Ambition 620Pfaff Ambition 620
Pfaff Ambition 620 Sale price$1,999.00
Save $150.00
Husqvarna Viking Opal 670Husqvarna Viking Opal 670
Husqvarna Viking Opal 670 Sale price$1,499.00 Regular price$1,649.00
Save $600.00
Pfaff Admire Air 5000Pfaff Admire Air 5000
Pfaff Admire Air 5000 Sale price$1,499.00 Regular price$2,099.00
Save $5,000.00
Pfaff Creative Icon 2 with Embroidery UnitPfaff Creative Icon 2 with Embroidery Unit
Pfaff Creative Icon 2 with Embroidery Unit Sale price$16,999.00 Regular price$21,999.00
Save $1,499.01
Admire Air 7000Admire Air 7000
Admire Air 7000 Sale price$4,999.99 Regular price$6,499.00
Singer 9960 Quantum StylistSinger 9960 Quantum Stylist
Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sale price$749.99
Save $300.00
Pfaff Ambition 635Pfaff Ambition 635
Pfaff Ambition 635 Sale price$2,199.00 Regular price$2,499.00
HV Amber S /100 SergerHV Amber S /100 Serger
HV Amber S /100 Serger Sale price$859.00
Save $1,800.00
Pfaff Quilt Expression 720Pfaff Quilt Expression 720
Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 Sale price$3,699.00 Regular price$5,499.00
Save $300.00
Opal 690QOpal 690Q
Opal 690Q Sale price$1,899.00 Regular price$2,199.00
Save $1,600.00
Husqvarna Viking Amber Air S/600 SergerHusqvarna Viking Amber Air S/600 Serger
Husqvarna Viking Amber Air S/600 Serger Sale price$4,999.00 Regular price$6,599.00