AGF Pure Solids Harvesting Edition - 22 Fat Quarters

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A group of solid fabrics catered to modern quilting! Ranging in a gradient of color, our Pure Solids bundles are a great go-to for any quilter. These groups can work together on their own to make a modern statement or can be blended with our other collections as well.

HARVESTING Edition includes:
PE-509 Georgia Peach
PE-426 Apricot Crepe
PE-444 Peach Sherbet
PE-471 Sweet Macadamia
PE-505 Blushing
PE-508 Terracotta Tile
PE-521 Desert Dunes
PE-512 Apple Cider
PE-460 Sienna Brick
PE-422 Chocolate
PE-491 Candied Cherry
PE-490 Ruby
PE-437 London Red
PE-456 Aurora Red
PE-461 Tigerlily
PE-457 Dried Carrot
PE-406 Burnt Orange
PE-449 Mandarin
PE-520 Sweet Tangerine
PE-514 Summer Sun
PE-485 Raw Gold
PE-513 Gingerbread