AGF Pure Solids Summering Edition - 23 Fat Quarters

Art Gallery Fabrics

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A group of solid fabrics catered to modern quilting! Ranging in a gradient of color, our Pure Solids bundles are a great go-to for any quilter. These groups can work together on their own to make a modern statement or can be blended with our other collections as well.

SUMMERING Edition includes:
PE-464 Warm Wave
PE-424 Mirage Blue
PE-451 Icy Mint
PE-403 Fresh Water
PE-402  Cozumel Blue
PE-497 Maldives
PE-418 Tile Blue
PE-454 Mediterraneo
PE-442 Ocean Waves
PE-496 Crystalline
PE-519 Pacific
PE-500 Ocean Fog
PE-501 Northern Waters
PE-518 Swimming Pool
PE-452 Spruce
PE-463 Zambia Stone
PE-526 Secret Lagoon
PE-517 Evergreen
PE-466 Hunter Fields
PE-527 Peacock
PE-417 Emerald
PE-478 Jade Cream
PE-412 Tender Green