creative grids Stripology XL Ruler

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The Stripology® XL Ruler is a multipurpose tool for cutting strips, squares, rectangles, diamonds, and triangles. It can also reduce your cutting time by 75 percent.

* Easy to read black and white markings.
* Whole inch, half inch, and eighth inch increments are included.
* Cutting slots are every 1/2in.
* Markings for making 1/4in and 3/4in cuts are included.
* Use the black lines to square up blocks in whole inches up to 12in.
* Use the white lines to square up blocks in half inches up to 12-1/2in.
* Use the 45 and 60 degree angles to cut perfect diamonds and triangles.
* 1-1/2in cuts are highlighted with black stars.
* 2-1/2in cuts are highlighted with black squares.
* Great for fussy cutting and trimming embroidered blocks. The flexibility of the ruler allows it to adjust for the thickness of the embroidery, giving you an accurate trim.
* Comes with fully illustrated step by step instructions.