Pellon 100% Cotton Batting, Natural - 96"

Sale price$5.00

Pellon's 100% All-Natural Cotton Batting is breathable, drapeable, and easy to stitch by hand or machine. The heavily-needled, unique finish makes this the perfect batting for creating vintage and antique inspired quilts.  For quilters and crafters of all skill levels. Once used in a project, this batting is washable by machine or hand and is dry cleanable.          

  • Color: Natural
  • 100% Natural Heavily-Needled Cotton Batting
  • Super soft, flexible and easy-to-stitch
  • Beautiful Drape
  • Loft: 1/16″
  • Shrinkage: 3-5%
  • Stitch Distance: 4″     
  • Cotton and Cotton Blend battings can shrink up to 3-5%. 

Width: 96" / 243.5cm 

Priced by the ¼ metre.  All cut batting is final sale.